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Kolymvari Junior High School is a state school of average number of students (about 125), aged 13 -15, of rural middle class background. Almost 20% are Albanian or Bulgarian. Our students are hard-working, they have got the ability and willingness to learn, they are curious in a creative way and achieve their goals. They are motivated, ambitious, sociable, caring and responsible. They actively take part in games, sports, and other extra-curricular activities. They love their country and their local community.

In our school there are 20 teachers. All of them are effective educators, knowledgeable and dynamic, sensitive to their students? needs, dedicated, disciplined, creative and enthusiastic.

There is a variety of subjects taught at school: Modern Greek, Ancient Greek, Modern Greek Literature, Ancient Greek Literature, History, Mathematics, Science, Geography, Computers, Technology, English, French or German, Physical Education, Home Economics, Arts, Music and Religious Education. All three grades carry our projects based on a variety of fields such as Environmental Education, Local History, Culture, Health Education, School Life and Professional Orientation.

Kolymvari Junior High School is one of the first Eco-schools in Greece and belongs to the Ecological Schools Network that is coordinated by the international Foundation for Environmental Education. It was awarded in 2000 for having successfully completed the relevant programme, instilling in all our students since then a sense of environmental responsibility, which has led to more awards for participation in relevant competitions. As a state school we are given the opportunity to organize field trips once a month to local museums and places of environmental interest, so that students can benefit from place-based learning.

Parents association, local authorities, press and media support our school. In fact, there is a plan for renovation and restoration of the facilities, which will be an important added value to the European one that we aspire to get from our efforts to internationalize our school via Erasmus+ programme.

Kolymvari is a fishing village and a popular tourist destination. It is situated in the coastal area of southwest Crete, 23km west of Chania, at the beginning of Cape Spatha, which is listed as a Natura 2000 protected area. Same as the rest of the region, the beach is a breeding area for the endangered caretta caretta sea turtles. Kolymvari area is a wonderful mixture of green hillsides with olive trees and vineyards, a long beach with fine grey pebbles, small hidden coves, traditional villages and sights of historical interest. Green and blue colours dominate this land. Within walking distance from our school, there is the Museum of Sea and Fishery Tradition. Fishing boats, ancient anchors, harpoons and other means are now resting in the museum, giving the ability of deep thoughts on identification and memory about the fishing tradition of the area. There is a rich collection of fish, shells, corals, sponges, sea urchins and other aquatic organisms that reveal the secrets of our seas. In the assembly hall and in the stone built amphitheatre different kinds of events can be hosted under the beautiful Cretan sky and next to the charming sea. In the courtyard of the museum there is a variety of fishing boats. The local marina in Kolymvari can host up to medium sized vessels and is a starting point for short cruises around the area to experience and enjoy the beauty of the landscapes and the sea. Every summer in August there is a fish festival in the village. Many ancient myths with sailors and goddesses of the fishermen started here in Kolymvari.

The Orthodox Academy of Crete is also located in the village. It is devoted to the cultivation of the spirit of dialogue among confessions and religions, and also between faith, science and culture, thus aspiring to be a place of dialogue and spiritual exchange. We have always had the support of the Academy in terms of funding, field trips at hosted exhibitions, to its library and facilities for the presentation of our projects to the local community.

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