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The participants of the MISSION POSSIBLE HEALTH 2017-2019 project are children from middle high school and high school aged 14-18. Direct actions affect groups of 20 students from each school, who will have to involve the rest of the students of the school into the projects.

5000 people take part in the project (students, teachers, patents, local people). The topic of the project is health, divided into: water, nutrition, forest and herbs.

Health is an important factor conditioning the development of the society and is crucial in the progress of gaining knowledge in the field of science of Polish, Turkish, Spanish and Greek students. Through the active learning made by experiments, research and data processing and cooperation with different local institutions students may increase their knowledge in the fields of science, mathematics and IT skills.

Many different activities are planned to be carried out in the project, for instance, examination of water, food, herbs and plants that are important for our health. What is more, collecting and processing the information for the presentations. Also, the active classes are scheduled in the project, like, for instance, laboratory tests, didactic games, quizzes, competitions, lectures at the universities and laboratories, meetings with the specialists in the fields of water, nutrition, forest, ecology and botany.

The outcome of the project would be the raise of the students’ knowledge in the field of science and the ability of presenting the information with the use of mathematics and statistics- presentations, exhibitions, films, laboratory tests’ conclusions.

The teachers will gain knowledge about their work and the implementation of the international projects, which will be beneficial for the school.

The students’ parents, the local institutions and the local authorities will also take part in the projects.

Last but not least, we will elaborate students’ social skills and international expertise. More than 100 people will be involved in the training activities.

The international project will enhance the idea of international cooperation. It helps the students and the teachers to develop taking into the consideration the international experience. The students will learn better and faster from the international project based learning with the cooperation with the students from different countries. They will also gain a multicultural knowledge, such as, communication and language skills. It will give them more chances on the job market in the future. The project will introduce a lot of changes in the process of education of the young people and will have a contribution to the peoples’ life value.

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